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Portfolio of Work

Creating thoughtful and inclusive copy, articles, and website content that engages a diverse audience, promotes business growth, and enhances your brand.


Elloree Talent Strategies

Currently, as a content creator for the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm Elloree Talent Strategies, I create:


-social media copy
This is done to enhance the Elloree brand and promote resources connected to DEI to Elloree's online following.


DePaul University's School of Continuing Professional Studies

Currently, as a contractor at DePaul University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), I create:
-policy guides
-speech writing
-website content
This is done to elevate the DePaul SCPS brand and promote DePaul SCPS' mission, initiatives, and resources to its student community.

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Lesse Lilly Bears

For the retail business Lesse Lilly Bears, I developed:
-social media copy
-email blast templates
This was done to support the launch of Lesse Lilly Bears and promote awareness of their products - stuffed teddy bears with customizable voice recordings and clothing.


Columbia University

I spent a collection of 4 years at Columbia University, split between the School of Professional Studies (SPS) and the School of the Arts. During my time there I developed: 

-email campaigns

-infographic content


-policy manuals 

-social media copy
-website content
This was done to increase student engagement with in person/virtual events, increase prospective student interest in fellowship programs, and increase student interest in on campus housing.

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